Dr. Walid Alhoussan


Dr. Walid Al-Houssan accomplished a great deal before and during his 24 years of medical practice. Since graduating at the top of his high school class, he has had continuing success. Damascus Medical School, where he studied, graduated him in the top ten in 1986. Al-Houssan was one of six out of 600 candidates approved to ENT training in Damascus after graduating.

His clinic was successful when he became a family practice owner. Every day, Al-Ottawa Houssan's medical clinic is busy and dynamic with grateful patients.

He was well-known in Maniwaki for his pleasant bedside demeanor and technical abilities. One satisfied patient wrote about his pleasant experience in the Maniwaki newspaper. The article described how grateful the patient was for Dr. Al-excellent Houssan's work and assistance through his difficult times.

He still holds licenses in Ontario and Quebec. This enabled him to assist Quebec patients in receiving care from him outside of the province. Speaking Arabic and learning English and French on his own has expanded his reach and the number of people he can assist on a daily basis.

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